Re: Mad Cow Implications for Cryos

Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 18:42:32 MDT

Just in case it wasn't clear: I was talking about vanilla chemistry.
Biology is a very organized, carefully orchestrated chemical symphony,
and it happens on order of magnitude longer time scales.

So if no chemistry happens, you can be damn sure no biology will
have a ghost of a chance happening. You could in fact arrest most
degenerative conditions if you could keep a body at a paltry few
degrees above zero Celsius. Sadly, that state is by itself damaging,
and cannot be sustained for longer than a few hours (the longer
you wait, the more chilling injury accumulates and lower the
probability of you restarting the system cleanly).

Speaking about inconsistent, why the fsck did Star Drek never use
force fields to arrest molecule movement in organisms? You've got
all these people gasping and slowly dying on the floor, while just
sticking them in a forcefield box would extend their shelf life

Ach, it's useless. wrote:
> Randy Smith wrote:
> > So, does anyone know if the prion disease will continue to ravage the brain
> > even when submerged in LN2 (or at the proposed, somewhat warmer storage
> > conditions)?
> You can assume [blahblahblah]

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