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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 21:55:39 MDT

Natasha wrote:

>Yo Greg,
>I don't know if you intended this post for the list, but in case you did and
>are going public send info about your music to us and I'll add it to the
>Extropic Art/Music Web page. (We focus on musicians + aesthetics :-)
>I'm thinking that Shaun's CD net.release premiere will be right before

Actually, the official Net release will be right *after* the conference, as
opposed to right before. This will give Extro-5 attendees a leg up on the
rest. There will most likely be a booth outside the conference room at the
Hilton with the cds for sale.

By the way, I thought that Greg's post was directly to me, and therefore my
response was supposed to be directly to him, rather than to the list. As a
result it came across a bit more personal than usual...I'll try to use
better judgment next time. ;-)

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