Re: Repent, for the End of the World is near

Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 12:36:37 MDT

>I guess I am an extropian, but I think I am much more pessimistic
>than most as of the you people on the list seem to be as for
>the timing for the Singularity, or the transition to posthumanism.

There are several skeptics about immanent Singularity on this list,
including myself. Of those who discuss the immanence of the
Singularity, a majority think it is; but I note many people don't
get involved in such discussions.

I'm curious whether anybody on this list takes actions that would be
irrational or unusual under the general assumption of no immanent
Singularity. For example, taking a 125% mortgage on your house
(since you may not need to pay it) or refusing professional education
intended primarily for financial gain.

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