META: Filtered list digest

From: Damien Sullivan (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 13:27:07 MDT

4-5 years ago, when the list was in another period of angst about its own
quality, I noted that there were people whose posts I almost always enjoyed
reading, and then there were all the others (sometimes good posts, sometimes
flaming; good posts on topics I didn't care about; down to /dev/null bait.)

Feeling overwhelmed by volume, I had procmail put mail from the first group
into a separate mailbox from the rest of the list, and took to reading that,
occasionally dipping into the main mailbox.

Then, at Robin's suggestion, I offered to send a digest of that filtered
mailbox to people, and some people liked it, and apparently still do. So I
offer it again.

I do not claim to be offering an objective take on the cream of the list,
merely posts from the people I personally find interesting. The sole claim to
possible public interest in this is that some people, including some of the
ones I select, have liked my taste in people.

I also cannot guarantee regular service, although I've been pretty good in the
last two weeks, and when I'm on the ball the digest is sorted, pruned, and
sometimes has interesting posts from the main list.

A proper subset of selected people: Robin Hanson, Greg Burch, Max More, Hal
Finney, Amara Graps, Anders Sandberg, Sasha Chislenko (oops, should remove
that), me, and the not-me from Australia.

There's no automatic subscription address, just me. If you reply to the list
I'll laugh at you. If you reply to the digest messages you'd end up writing
me; I don't think anyone's been dumb enough to do that by accident in the last
4-5 years, impressively enough. Possibly because anyone subscribing has
basically given up on active participation.

Caveat subscribor.

-xx- Damien X-)

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