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From: Amara Graps (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 09:09:25 MDT

From: Eugene Leitl <>
>> A neutron star's synchtron-radiation imposed on the
>> molecular cloud out of which our Solar System formed?
>> (do you find that hypothesis believable?)
>Absolutely not, as the enantiomeric excess would be only just a few
>percent in best case.

hmm.. "enantiomeric"

enantiomer Chemistry. Either of two molecules of the same chemical
composition that are mirror images of each other but not identical,
such as one of a pair of optical isomers containing chiral carbon
atoms. (from Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology)

Got it. Thanks 'gene. I won't ask how you calculated "just a few

>Panspermia would of course remove the need of local emergence, by relying
>on an infectious seed meeting favourable conditions on the prebiotic

Yes ... the panspermia basic assumptions are suspect.



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