Re: SOC/POWER: Fuel Cells

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 09:20:33 MDT

On Fri, 11 May 2001, S.J. Van Sickle wrote:

> On the down side, it is probably only possible to sequester CO2 at
> large central power stations, should this prove necessary for global
> warming reasons. The jury is still out on that one...

CO2 reduction emission is not the primary goal of fuel cell use (though it
of course occurs due to use of more hydrogen-rich fuel, higher efficiences
of operation, no transport losses, heat/power coupling and synergism with
other promising technologies such a photovoltaics and solar hydrogen).

Right now fuel cells would reduce emissions and make the power grid more
reliable, which are sufficient reasons to push their use at least in
California. Simultaneously, photovoltaics should be considered to augment
peak demand for air conditioning, and otherwise be used to sell power back
to the grid or used for local water electrolysis.

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