Re: ENERGY: Fuel cells and microturbines in Tech Review

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 09:36:12 MDT

Max More refreshed the signal with,
> The current issue of MIT's Technology Review has a substantial article on
> microturbines and fuel cells. You may be interested even if you don't live
> in California.

Living in Northern California, I really appreciate this news. (Only the True
Death is worse than losing power while on the Other Plane.)
Peter Fairley writes, "These "micropower generators" aren't just about
emergency backup, either. They can provide higher quality power 24/7 than you
can buy from your local utility. Plug into one of these systems and you'll
avoid the computer-crashing voltage spikes and sags that mar the electricity
coming out of a garden-variety wall socket. And micropower means you can
forsake the grid when power prices surge, or even make an extra buck by
exporting power to your neighbors. Spread enough micropower throughout the
grid, and the grid itself will begin to learn tricks that could make
regionwide power outages an unpleasant memory."

That's the (potentially) good news. The (same old) bad news is that although
we may like the idea of "Power To The People" the DemocRATs don't.
Representative Richard A. Gephart and his socialist pals want to cap energy
prices, thereby decreasing or removing incentive to develop alternative
sources of electricity. Thankfully, socialists are in the minority on this
issue. If people can achieve energy self-sufficiency, they can jettison an
entire layer of tax subsidized bureaucRAT control. No wonder they sound

Power To The People!

--J. R.

PS: The turbines and fuel cells are nice, but they require fuels that I can't
produce myself.
For true autonomy, how 'bout a wood-burning generator or a laptop that runs on
leaf litter...
like the gastrobot we've heard about.
Gastronome is powered by a microbial fuel cell filled with E. coli bacteria.
So far it only ingests sugar; as the bacteria break down glucose molecules,
electrons are released and captured to charge a battery

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