Re: Risk vs. Payoff

From: Aleks Jakulin (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 05:13:53 MDT

I erased all that I agree with. Interestingly, Dawkins too maintains that we owe
nothing to our genes.

> I do not necessarily want to reproduce. For some weird reason, I want to
> live forever, though, or at least die trying. (I grant that one tiny voice
> to my DNA). You can assume this is an immutable cornerstone. It might
> appear random, and wanting, but I stand by it. Life is good, death is bad.
> I could imagine worse origins to base my framework of reference upon.

In these times of disposable consumer items, one must ask oneself whether it is
cheaper to fix and patch, or to recycle. It's a simple question of cost, not a
fundamental philosophical issue. I'm all for Lamarckism, if it is cheaper, and
if it provides the level of invention offered by random ways of Darwinian

Death is recycling, and nothing is wrong with recycling. Do not be so fond of
these worthless evolved phobias of death. The focus must be on life, and death
is not the opposite of it, just another aspect of the optimization process.


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