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Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 13:55:05 MDT

> BTW, One of my favorite "interdisciplinary books: about Gaia-ideas is:
> >From Gaia to Selfish Genes: Selected Writngs in the Life Sciences_,
> ed. Connie Barlow.
> Amara

Here's some more doo-dah on Gaia for you, Amara.
--J. R.

Lovelock recalls Gaia's evolutionary update
7 May 2001 12:00 GMT
by Bea Perks, BioMedNet News

Criticism of the idea that oceanic production of tropospheric sulfur relies
mainly on marine phytoplankton has re-opened the debate on the status of the
Gaia Theory. But James Lovelock, the scientist who first proposed the Gaian
model of the earth as a self-regulating organism, dismisses the notion that a
"thoughtful" review of new evidence, published today, threatens the theory.
"The important fact to keep in mind is that without sulfur gas from organisms
... the earth would probably be less cloud-covered and much warmer than now,"
he told BioMedNet News.

The production of atmospheric sulfur by oceanic plankton is often cited as a
classic example of Gaia in action, notes Rafel Simó, a marine biologist in the
Department of Marine Biology and Oceanography at the Institut de Cičncies del
Mar in Barcelona.

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