Re: extropian arguments against cryonics

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 16:47:48 MDT

Christian Szegedy writes:

>Imagine: you signed up for Cryonics. The singularity is here.
>You have signed up for cryonics. And you can't buy eternal life
>lacking of money. You must take your bath instead and wait that
>somebody revives you as a charity act. Your only solace is that
>the technics of cryonics is "nearly" perfect.

But Christian! In the same email that Marie wrote to which
you are replying, she also submitted this:

> Lame arguement...
> On the Whoops I missed Singularity side:
> if it's an insurance policy that you can change, you don't
> spend the money till your hinny needs a liquid N2 bath
> anyway... so you only spends it if ya needs it...

I don't understand why that doesn't apply to what you wrote
(in principle, at least), or why you didn't address it.

Your scenario about being unable to afford eternal life
provided by the Singularity---because somehow your cryonics
expenditures impoverished you---just does not hold up.

In the first place, you don't seem to understand the scope
of the transformation that comes with a Singularity. To
imagine yourself pitifully ensconsed in your wheelchair at
age 90, able to somehow make it into your dewer to get frozen,
yet unable to benefit from the Singularity, is silly. If you
live through the minutes preceding the Singularity, whatever
issues that you find that you still have to worry about, well,
concerns about money and cryonics won't be among them.

Lee Corbin

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