a Body shop

From: Ralph Lewis (rlewis10us@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 09:55:11 MDT

I had hope there would be something like a Body Shop (so you did not have to
wait to see how the DNA expressed itself, (body's perhaps tank grown) so
you could select from one you want. Going to the gym I realize that you
would need data sheets on the bodies because some great looking people have
major joint or internal organ problems. There would most likely have to be a
computer program to compute mind/body comparability, you would not want to
wake up in a body and find your mind and the body's dopamine receptors
interactions made you insane.

There is also the problem of fashion, right now I would most likely want to
have a body and face like Frank Sepe but what happens if the fashion was an
aquatic octopus body when you were reanimated. Talk about be in the out peer

Best Ralph

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