Re: Risk vs. Payoff

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 10:12:27 MDT

Aleks Jakulin wrote:
>And what is the cost of passing a selection of your knowledge, skills and
>qualities to a child or a young person, who thus continues the "life" of the
>meaningful points of your existence?

I do believe that the above is important as well, though I don't see how it
in any way counters the inclination towards cryopreservation. A young
person (i.e.: child) will indeed have a large part of the parent stamped
upon his personality and will necessarily have a large amount of the
parent's "knowledge, skills and qualities." However, would the child not
also like to have hope that "daddy's not dead?" The death of a parent
(particularly for a child under 15 is a devastating thing and impacts a
child's development much more than most things that parent could pass on.
The question of "why" the parent is dead is one that is most often not
easily answered. At least with cryonics, it provides the child with hope.
Even if the parent dies when that child is an adult, the above points that
Aleks makes have already been passed on. I am not sure how one cancels out
the other.

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