Re: Professor set to 'control' wife by cyborg implant

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 03:02:30 MDT

I consider Warwicks speculations combined with his media savy a quite
worrying threat to transhumanism. The risk is that he manages to do
spectacular stunts, drawing attention to his ideas about the imminent
cybercalypse, helping spread an anti-AI sentiment ("terrestrialism" in the
terms of Hugo de Garis, who is doing nearly the same thing). The problem here
is that he has not really given much thought to likely development paths and
forms of human-AI interaction. This is why the E5 panels about this issue are
so important: we better do the analysis and start a more serious debate on
how to make AI social than professor Warwick does.

I admire the courage of him and his wife, though.

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