Professor set to 'control' wife by cyborg implant

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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 17:47:59 MDT

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>Subject: Professor set to 'control' wife by cyborg implant
>Of course this is just a load of hype, but consider the possibilities...
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>Professor set to 'control' wife by cyborg implant
>SURGEONS are preparing to create the first husband and wife cyborgs: they
>intend to implant computer chips in a British professor and his wife to
>see if
>they can communicate sensation and movement by thought alone.
>The professor hopes it will show how two brains can interact; doctors at
>Mandeville hospital, who will perform the surgery, hope it will lead to new
>treatments for paralysis victims.
>Full text:

Professor Warwick again. He'd mentioned this experiment in his Christmas

I've read his book "In the Mind of the Machine". He accepts that AI is
coming, but doesn't think humans will survive it. He doesn't buy into the
uploading or "machine enhanced human" scenarios.

Interesting work he's been doing with basic neural nets though.


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