Re: META: To my fellow Extropians

From: Sean Morgan (
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 15:22:06 MDT

At 09:23 AM 5/2/01, Brian Atkins wrote:

>Javien is working on it, hopefully they will get done with
>it in a few more months. From my understanding it will be a hybrid system
>with this mailing list continuing as normal, but also crossposted to their
>web system. You will be able to rate people and hopefully see ratings both
>on the web, and in normal emails using simple clickable URLs. I don't
>know all the details yet.

Some points of clarification. The beta version is available now. This
version does not affect the mailing list at all, the ratings are only
available on the web archive. Also, the ratings apply to the content, not
the author.

The web archives are available at <>,
and should work with any web browser. There is a lag of a few minutes
between the mail broadcast and it appearing in the archive.

To rate archived content, you need to install client software (currently
only available for Windows, Linux is in the works). To register to get the
client software, go to <>.

The ratings use collaborative filtering. That is, the recommended values
that you see will be specific to you. This works by correlating your ratings
with those of other users. For example, when Natasha rates on the basis of
adherence to 'the Extropian principles and a variety of essays that embody
content reflecting the goals, thoughts and feelings of "Extropy"', she will
then see recommendations for content based on the ratings of other users who
share that attitude.

To enter ratings you must create a pseudonymous identity, an "agent", which
has a micropayment account associated with it. We are still restricting the
beta somewhat in that only Extropy Institute members will be given money in
those accounts. But with this email, we are opening it up so that anyone on
this list may get the client software and try out the rating system, but
their account balance will remain at zero.


Sean Morgan
VP Product Management
Javien Canada Inc.

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