Re: Tipler's Conjectures

Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 13:56:45 MDT

At 07:54 AM 5/5/01 -0400, Greg Burch wrote:
>I've only been skimming this thread and haven't thought deeply about the
>physics of "Tipler's Conjectures" since I read the book some years ago, but
>here's a question: Yes, it seems all the empirical evidence is mounting
>against a truly cosmic-scale implementation of Tipler's design for
>infinite/eternal computation, but could his design be implemented on a
>smaller scale? In other words, just because the cosmos in toto won't
>collapse, couldn't a local region be structured for asymetrical collapse to
>achieve the same result?

I don't believe this works. From what I understand, Tipler's collapse
must be universe-wide, the inverse of the Big Bang. Furthermore it must
be chaotic in a special way, so that the universe changes shape in ever
more extreme ways, being elongated like a stretched tube balloon in one
direction after another. I don't think this dynamics is possible with
a black hole, I think it has to be the entire universe.


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