Re: PSYCH/ECON: "A Cure for Poverty"

From: Mark Plus (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 09:43:55 MDT

This article asks,

>What if you could help end people's economic problems by treating their

As is usual in journalism about social problems, this article confuses
"earning more money in wages" with "becoming non-poor." Despite the
bestsellerdom of Stanley and Danko's book, apparently it still hasn't sunk
in that being well-paid is a long way from being non-poor. If you make
$100,000/year in wages but lack sufficient invested savings to supply a
subsistence income, then when for whatever reason your wage income stops, in
short order you'll become as effectively destitute as the people described
in this article. I've been saying for years that America's "affluence" is
really a clever illusion, given the relatively small numbers of people who
wind up financially independent even after decades of work.

Trans-millennially yours,

Mark Plus, Expansionary
"Working to make religion and death obsolescent in the 21st Century."

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