RE: META: Posting news

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 14:48:50 MDT

> I'm curious to know if most List subscribers like to see alerts to
> important developments posted to the List. I am assuming they do.

I, personally, would like to see the list subdivided into multiple lists.
One for news, one for debates, one for party and light conversation, one for
updates about Extropians and ExI, one for projects and planning, one for
official ExI announcements, one for personal Extropian announcements, etc.
That way, each person could subscribe or unsubscribe to each type of list
they want. One could turn on and off specific features as one gets more or
less time, or gains and loses interest.

Each person would only get those topic areas that they desired. We could
even have the dreaded g.u.n. topic in a different list, and nonsubscribers
should never see it. Each person would get all the e-mail for all their
interests in their mailbox as if the list were tailored for them.

I know there are better schemes for enabling better list control. But I
think implementing additional simple mailing lists is the easiest and most
immediate solution.

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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