Re: Mining Transhumansits in Hungary?

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 11:15:10 MDT

A very considerate transhuman in Hungary added to this collection of
articles as follows: The prehistory of transhumanism FM-2030 Natasha Vita-More I. Natasha Vita-More II Extropy versus Entropy Rioting philosophers Max More the builder of future Extropian principles - but no dogmas Transhumanism and religions Posthuman and the pathes leading there Posthuman chances and cangers Transhumanism and nature
Art and Culture:
Book - Create/Recreate: The 3rd Millennial Culture
"Primo 3M+ 2001" Future Physique 3D
Culture & Progress: Progress Action Coalition
Transhuman History and Culture:

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