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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 23:47:42 MDT

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<< f it were the year
 2975 in the world of _Diaspora_, would I seek out an
 Introdus portal and join the world of the polises? Yes,
 almost certainly (I'm assuming it would be a Moravec
 transfer; I **don't** want to be duplicated!). I'd
 have butterflies in my stomach, but I'd do it. >>

The Moravec Transfer, is, if I recall correctly, a comparatively early
attempt at uploading, with the implant and all. Independently, Moravec also
looked much farther down the road and came up with a conjecture that effects
the re-creation of human personalities, sans the contraction of the Universe.

<<Weeelll... It's not going to be cryo that ushers in **that**
revolution, any more than Charles Babbage's difference engine
could have ushered in the Internet revolution. Show me that
cubic millimeter of computronium you mention above, then we'll
talk ;-> . >>

Jim, that's like somebody asking, "Show me Grand Central Station (circa
1935)" shortly after the developmen of the Newcommen Engine ( a pre-curson to
Watt's steam engine). Moravec has pointed out in both Mind Children and
Robot, that neutronium would be the mechanism of choice to generate a
hyper-computer. In other words, this mind wold be generated by refabricating
a neutron star! One of the may goals would be to achive an eschatology the
"easy" way ;-)


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