Re: BIOTECH: Farmers are not shunning biotech this season.

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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 15:08:32 MDT

>From: Natasha Vita-More <>

>This is basically for Brian, since he is the person who first
>expressed his thoughts on GRED. With a bit more sensitivity to
>your situation, let me explain that the capitalized letters GERD
>sound more appealing and my doc suggested GERD to saying the acid
>in the somach is entering the mouth. While you, Brian seems to be
>watching your condition while experienced the downside of this
>illness, many people do have it. Some to a greater degree
>than others, and whatever the cause - obesity, ulcer, gastritus,
>spastic colon, lazy stomach, deficient production of saliva,
>nervousness, anxiety, too much chocklate, etc., - it can be

The interesting thing about GERD is that it seems to involve a
disfunction of the enteric nervous system. That and the fact that
it is on a dramatic increase in just the last few years.

Most pesticides are in effect neurotoxins, and we know from cell
research that the human immune system will react to manmade
chemicals, chemicals that did not previously exist in nature. Since
everyone is different, it is reasonable to assume that suceptible
members of the population will have negative reactions to new
substances in the enviroment, I would think particularly if taken

The increase in new cases points to a change, what that change is,
is the question.

My point other than a personnal example is that any bad effects
caused by a GMO might not be immediately recognized, they could be
more gradual.

Do have to watch the chocolate though.... ;)


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