Re: META: To my Colleague Extropians

Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 17:08:17 MDT

Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> A smart ranking device would not rely on the emotions and fancies of any one
> poster, but on the architecture of extopian thinking.

A smart ranking device would give each poster exactly the kind of posts
she wants. Because he wouldn't read them, anyway, regardless how clever
they would appear to others.

There can't be a single metric. It wouldn't only be pointless, it would
squish diversity. So attaching to each listener his personal metric would
be only fair. Doing cluster crunching ("related", i.e. poster XY
found the stuff cool you also found cool, so you're members of the same
cluster) is then always possible, since the matrix is best stored
server-side, anyway.

And damn it, don't we owe the implementation to Sasha's memory?

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