Re: Tipler's Conjectures

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 08:53:23 MDT

Lee Corbin <> Wrote:

>perhaps you can inform me where Tipler's conjectures
>about the collapse of space at the end of time have been debunked.

Tipler had a theory, like any theory it stands or falls on the validity of its
predictions. Tipler predicted that the universe is closed but we now know
not only is it open it's accelerating and that's very bad news for the theory.
Tipler predicted that the Hubble constant must be less than or equal to 45,
but it's probably closer to 100. He predicted that the Higgs boson must be
at 220 +- 20 GeV for the Omega point to form. A few months ago CERN
said it's not certain but it may have found the Higgs bosons and it weighs
115 GeV. We should know for sure later this year but I have to say so far
Tipler is not doing very well.

    John K Clark

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