Re: Living Forever

From: John Marlow (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 22:35:02 MDT

Exactly. I like being alive and I wanna stay that way. Pernmanently.
Why? What's this why stuff? I don't neeed a why. Because I said so;
that's why. It's fun. Hey--what's it to you?

Now--try explaining that to an AI.
Could be a biiiiig problem...



On 1 May 2001, at 22:52, xgl wrote:

> i don't know, this discussion (which i take as the justification
> of personal preservation, or the lack thereof) just seems moot to me. i
> mean, how does one justify something without a context? if everyone here
> has a clear, concrete supergoal, then we can just say "i need to be
> preserved because it serves my supergoal" ... but we (well, most of us
> anyway) don't have clear goal systems. of course, we could come to
> concensus about a common intermediate goal, but i have not seen this here.
> my point is that i can't see the question "why?" as leading to anything
> but a subjective, cuz-i-feel-like-it, kind of answer -- unless it is asked
> in the context of some goal.
> well, i want (in the strictest present tense) to live forever, and
> i can't justify it in any meaningful way -- i just feel like it. so, if no
> one stops me, i'll probably try my best toward that end. i know what i'm
> willing to sacrifice (risk my life, in a vague sense) and what i'm not
> willing to sacrifice (lives of others, for example) -- more than that,
> what could i possibly say?
> -x

John Marlow

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