Re: Living Forever

From: John Marlow (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 22:24:26 MDT

On 1 May 2001, at 18:11, Samantha Atkins wrote:

> Personally I don't like the wording and concept of "preserving" human
> beings. Nor do I think of personal immortality as requiring preserving this
> particular current personality matrix...

#Wow. This is totally alien to *my* way of thinking.

 The reason I brought that up is because I have run into
> notions from some transhumanists that unless they survive in a form that they
> consider is precisely themselves in a much stricter fashion than what I
> suggest then they don't really have any indefinite lifespan and all.

#Absolutely. I don't want to achieve immortality through a resonable
approximation; I want to achieve it by not dying! I, me, moi--as I
know me.

John Marlow

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