RE: META: Posting news

From: Jef Allbright (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 15:30:41 MDT

Getting the latest news and intelligent comments on technology and related
social issues is the key benefit I receive from this list. I subscribe to
several other lists for the same reason, so I often see items duplicated
three or four times. For me, skimming the messages and repeatedly hitting
the delete key is a worthwhile trade for the frequent jewels of information

- Jef

In a message dated 5/1/01 11:23:52 AM Central Daylight Time,

> I'm curious to know if most List subscribers like to see alerts to
> important developments posted to the List. I am assuming they do.
> on this is welcome. In the absence of substantial feedback, I will
> posting these kinds of items and encourage others to do so. It adds
> of signal.

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