Re: Singurapture

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 13:00:11 MDT

Brian Atkins <> responded:

> Why do you care if they get nicer? They'll burn themselves out in a
> few millennia at the most, since they'll likely refuse
> life-extension tech and will be unable to keep their memes intact
> over such a long time period.

        Because they are my friends and family. My parrents are
getting old and could die any time. That hurts!

> Evolution sucks if you're the loser.

        And it sucks to lose loved ones (everyone) even if you are the
winner. Sometimes I wonder if being militarrist about it would
justify the ends and being able to save the mentally ill people that
think they know what they want, when in reality they are grosely

        Perhaps some day (after millions of years?) we will become
true Gods, even with the ability to resurrect those that "lost" to
evolution and primative deathist memes. I can emagine them comming to
after having been finally resurrected, realizing what they mist out on
for those milions of years, and being very mad at us for not being
more forcefull and insistant that they not make such stupid mistakes
as to no choose cryonic suspension...

        Brent Allsop

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