Re: BIOTECH: Farners are not shunning biotech this season

Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 09:54:30 MDT

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>>"The plain truth, quoting FDA Commissioner Jane Henney, is that
>>'biotech products have produced no evidence of food safety risks:
>>not one rash, not one sore throat, not one headache.'

>I'm wondering if there are problems that have not been recognized
>yet, in fact I have a candidate, GERD. I had never even heard of it
>a few years ago (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease) and am
>surrounded by people who seem to be diagnosed with it on a regular
>basis. I know dozens of people on medication for it.
>I've had every test you can imagine, and they can't find a cause.
>Since it's not immediately life threatening, and is controllable
>with medication/diet/exercise there doesn't seem to be a rush to
>find an answer. Yet there is an "outbreak" in the growing number of
>new cases, and this just in the last couple of years.

The "outbreak" of GERD is due to having expensive new drugs to treat it.
You've heard of it before when it was called "heartburn". Hard to
get insurers to pony up for that :-)

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