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From: Max More (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 23:58:08 MDT

At 09:45 PM 4/30/01, Samantha wrote:

>I had the theory that I was a transplant from a much more advanced
>civilization starting when I was about four. I used to call out
>mentally for my true people to come and take me away from this madhouse
>of a world. But, of course, they never did. Now and then I would dream
>of this other world during my childhood.

I know the feeling, Samantha. The world around me as a child didn't seem to
be where I came from. The feeling lessened slightly when I moved from
England to California, but not by much.

Fortunately, in June a microcosm of that more advanced civilization will
temporarily materialize in San Jose, California. The materialization is
known in advance, and some of us call it "EXTRO-5".

The only obstacle now is overcoming bureaucratic problems in obtaining a
permit for dangerously high concentrations of cognitive and imaginative
energy at the Hilton & Towers. ;-)




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