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From: Sabine Atkins (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 23:15:26 MDT

4/30/01 11:54:59 PM, "John Marlow" <> wrote:

>#HOWEVER--once you become posthuman (and no one seems to really know
>just what that means), you (or anyone else becoming posthuman, myself
>#You may in fact become something you would, were you to see it now,
>despise, or find alien. The human values which led you to choose your
>path and leave others free to choose theirs may no longer apply--may
>be meaningless, even incomprehensible to you. You might, in fact,
>view them as irrational or contemptible, not worthy of consideration--
>as many here view the "values" of the "greens."

Wow. After driving in circles, taking detours and dead ends, your comments and
arguments finally go in the right direction.

And then:

>#This may well be a baseless concern, but NO ONE KNOWS--not me, and
>not you. What troubles me is that no one else seems to give the
>matter the slightest consideration. Everyone wants to GET THERE, but
>no one knows WHERE "there" is--and no one seems to CARE!

Stop shouting and start listening: There are people who care. You care, for
example. But (to me) it seems that you're too afraid to move ahead and to try to
find at least one possible solution to the problem you describe above.
And there is at least another one who cares: Eliezer offered you a bunch of
links, showing how much he cares.
Please go to

Sabine Atkins
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