Re: How to help create a singularity.

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 21:15:41 MDT

James Rogers wrote:

> Note that these two scenarios don't happen that often, but that they happen
> at all indicates a sad state of affairs.

One of my favorites is "Please show the business case for implementing X
correctly (as it should be implemented) rather than using what [the
kludge generating tons of maintenance and scalability headaches] we got
approved by management last year." Where X is something simple like a
shared Fifo queue and correctly is actually having it work for multiple
producers and consumers which one would assume is given by the words
"shared" and "queue". Ah well. This one comes up a bit more often
along with "Give me a concrete example" when what is being discussed is
a useful and time saving [and usually very basic] abstraction.

Perhaps it is true that 50% of the people really don't get formal

- samantha

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