Paper on technology trends for business

From: Max More (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 18:11:18 MDT

Here's a business-oriented paper I recently wrote on emerging technologies...

Taking Advantage of Technological Acceleration
Tracking Emerging Technologies and Trends

Technologies are converging, accelerating their rates of development, and
new trends are emerging. Being able to take in a broad view of the
landscape of emerging technologies can provide a valuable strategic
advantage. Those businesses that can most effectively grasp the deep
undercurrents of technological evolution can use this to their advantage.
They can better protect themselves against sudden and fatal technological
obsolescence. They can look ahead and push their own R&D to make the next
advance. This paper surveys the most important emerging technologies, notes
some intriguing convergences and megatrends, concluding with suggestions
for putting this knowledge to work.

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