Re: Keeping AI at bay (was: How to help create a singularity)

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Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 15:15:34 MDT

I'm sorry I dont understand what "You people" means

I am not a luddite if thats what you mean
I mean dangerous in the error prone sense, not a generalization of AI per

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> Robert Coyote wrote:
> >
> > I belive many of the assertions on this thread are dangerously
> > anthropomorphic projections, it may be that the answer to the question
> > does AI want?" is incomprehensible.
> I don't have to anthromorphize an <insert Something Really Bad here,
> such as a 100 km space rock impacting the top of your skull/two
> vagrant neutron star deciding on fusing Somewhere Under Your Bed>
> to infer it's going to make me very dead, whether with our without
> lots of spectacular pyrotechnics.
> What is it with you people, are you just generically unreasonable,
> or do you habitually let your kids play russian roulette; or
> soccer on a minefield?
> I do not care what the AIs want, as long as they're something
> really big, fast, powerful, and growing exponentially, and having
> -- even unbiased -- agendas of their own. And they will be that, very
> soon, if they're subject to evolutionary constraints. Which seems
> about the only bit of prejudice I have.
> I don't even have to be absolutely 100.1% positive about it, as
> long as I think there's a nonnegligable probability of Ragnar0k,
> I just think it's a monumentally bad idea to attempt. Billie Joy
> is right on the money on this one. Relinquishment, shmerlinquishment,
> just hold the horses until we're ready.
> Is it too much too ask?

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