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Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 12:38:04 MDT

> All I can say is that it's a superb resource! Excellent!
> Mitch

It really shines when you insert an eccentric neologism.

Note that the center of the GB universe is Sante Fe, while esoteric Gaia stuff
lurks about the fringes, along with new scientist guffaws.

Of particular interest:
Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, by M.A. Arbib
In hundreds of articles by experts from around the world, and in overviews and
"road maps" prepared by the editor, The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural
Networks charts the immense progress made in recent years in many specific
areas related to two......
Adresse :
Origine : DirectHit

At the top of the Map, and with the largest sphere of influence is:
The Global Brain Group
The Global Brain Group has been created to discuss the emergence of a global
brain out of the computer network, which would function as a nervous system
for the human superorganism. It promotes all theoretical and experimental work
that may contribute......
Adresse :
Origine : Altavista DirectHit Google


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