Re: Larry Ellison article mentions Extropy

From: Max More (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 02:25:58 MDT

At 02:13 AM 4/30/01, Eugene wrote:
>Randy Smith wrote:
> > This is another reason to maintain a reasonably civil tone on this
> list. You
> > never know who might drop in.
>Umm. Let me think. Larry Ellison? John Paul II? Bob, of the SubGenius?
>Thanks for cracking me up. Do you honestly believe that any mover and
>shaker has the time to waste on a mailing list, especially at this day
>and age? I do have some real estate in Brooklyn I would like to sell...

You'd be surprised. I don't know who you would count as a "mover and
shaker", but we *have* had such (not counting those "in the circle" who are
moving and shaking), and I've seen interesting things on other lists. Very
busy people may not themselves read the list, but they may have someone
monitor it. For example, on the Motley Fool board devoted to discussing
Celera, it became very clear that Craig Venter had either read the
messages, or some collection of them.

I will leave addressing the function of this list and its improvement for
another time. But one thing I *still* want to do is for ExI to offer a
roster of specialized email forums (Web-based preferably). Those more
focused forums might attract busy people more than this list, which is a




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