Re: Infinite Computing

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 01:34:49 MDT wrote:
> Mr. Yudkowsky;
> Thanks for posting some of your ideas, a few days ago, regarding infinite
> computing. It's a lot of food for thought. I am one of the very few
> "cosmological Singularity" buffs on SL4, or Extropian, or Transhumanist
> lists. I suspect that a colossal computational "power" like one of Moravec's
> Neutronium Computers, or a Linde variation of a Tiplerian mini-collapse might
> be needed to reboot the human condition. Yes, I am serious about this being
> somehow, necessary, to set things right (hearing the shaking of heads on that
> one).

Hmm. I am intriqued enough to ask what, a bit more precisely, you
mean. What constitutes "setting things right" in your way of
thinking? And why should this "rebooting" or fixing of the human
condition take such computing power? Does fixing assume you or some
group or sentience knows what is "wrong" and can fix it for everyone's
good? Does it include and accomodate the choices and free will of

- samantha

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