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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 13:04:42 MDT

>From: Natasha Vita-More <>

(I know I'm posting too much this weekend, but I have to get this off my mind.)

>Unless and until people on this list value people who contribute to society
>and stop labeling them for a shock factor, we cannot progress beyond the
>stigmas of gender and ethnicity.

I agree with you, and I see a larger perspective.

Here is one of the few places where the philosophy shared by
many here is: to NOT to be limited by boxes, conventions, and narrow
and, in the ideas we share, people are encouraged to be BETTER (in
whatever way *you* define better: smarter, stronger, healthier etc.).
Here in this small community, folks are NOT reduced to the lowest common
denominator and instead, the "sky's the limit" (as they say).
This is THE main reason that I hang out here, and why I keep coming back.

Therefore, I'm surprised to find some attitudes lamenting the sorry
state that "unboxed people" are few and far between, when, in fact,
I see HUGE numbers of unboxed and amazing people doing amazing things.
These amazing people inspire ME.

Could it be that my filters are set to let through the amazing
accomplishments of those people around me, and these other people's
filters are adjusted radically differently?

I strongly encourage people to pay attention to their own mindsets.
If you *think* that people can only do limited things, then I'm quite
sure that those limitations will be ONLY what you see, and you will find
yourself in dreamy wistfulness "wishing" for something to exist, and
you won't see it, even if it is in front of your very nose.


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