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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 11:06:21 MDT

Anders Sandberg enriched the signal with,
> How to manage such
> cooperations, that remains to be invented - this is an area where
> transhumanist creativity can participate and produce immediate dividends.
> Besides, we can use dealing with cyber-attacks as a training for dealing
> nano-attacks.

Well, we probably wouldn't want that kind of cooperation to start here,
because this is an open forum, and who knows how many Chinese cyber-attackers
are listening. τΏτ

> One China: I don't know the official Swedish policy, but the general opinion
> seems to be that Taiwan is better off not part of the PRC. Here the >H angle
> is of course how to deal with abusive nation states and maybe how to play
> them against each other to increase individual freedom.

I really like the idea of playing them against each other to increase
individual freedom. We need to take care not to play them too hard against
each other, because individual freedom isn't much good in a scorched earth
scenario in which the opponents have resorted to mutually assured destruction
to keep from losing. I mean, it's important not to let cyber-war escalate to
nuclear, biological, chemical warfare. Here's where NIMBY makes real good
sense. Of course it only makes sense to play abusive nation states against
each other if you don't have to live in one of them. So, how's the real estate
business in Stockholm? τΏτ

> Russian artificial brain: no, it all sounds like a news hoax. There is a
> steady stream of inflated claims coming from Russia (from elsewhere too, but
> fact-checking is especially limited when it comes to Russia), and the news
> story you refer to did not appear to contain anything new. >H moral:
> analysis of news is quite essential to avoid spending too much time on
> spurious claims.

Quite so, and in addition they might think the same about stories regarding
the S*ng*l*r*ty. Come to think of it, maybe they concocted the brain story to
counter what they consider bogus claims from (self-styled) transhumanists.
Anyway, near-term stuff includes Extro-5, right? Whoops! There I go again...
the theme of E5 is... that nasty topic again.

Incidentally, I don't see any presenters/speakers addressing the subject of
triggering the Net to transcend. How silly is the idea of the Net awakening
and thinking for itself?

"The web knows. It knows everything. The web is god."


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