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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 06:19:16 MDT

From: Olga Bourlin (,

>I don't know ... maybe phrases like "cool atheist scientist chick" or "mondo
>atheist scientist dude" may prove friendlier and more appealing to the

I don't think that anyone here doubts that I love good jokes and alot
of humor.

If that subject line appeals to the younger crowd, that's OK, but I'm
quite sure that it would turn off the older, more knowledgeable crowd,
and you wouldn't get serious "contributors".

For example.. I had a lot I could have said regarding that movie since
I knew the background, local, and some of the advisors but I had almost
no interest to post after I read the original message, except to point
out some very large errors in assumptions. The original poster amplified
some large stereotypes about women scientists, and I was extremely

I understand your point, regarding scientific PR. However I think that
scientific PR (encouraging the younger folks) can be performed more


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