Re: Maximizing results of efforts Re: Mainstreaming

Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 20:35:20 MDT

>From this speculation, it would seem then, that we need to hedge our bets and
build pre-Singularity level, but still very intelligent computers, to effect
technological advances which would conceivably, provide new solutions for
energy and resource needs. Maybe people will just be happily, downloaded,
Greg Egan style. I am not sure of the later, not because I don't think it's
achievable (I do!), but because it seems to scary because it (as of this
point in time) because it's untried; like aviation was during the early 20th


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<< Second, stating that the Singularity will end such problems forever, with
 such certainty, is sort of silly in my view. We really don't know how long
 a Singularity will take to come about, or what its actual effects will be.
 Maybe it will take 30 years to create the Singularity, in which case a hell
 of a lot of good can be done by educating the poor now. Maybe the
 Singularity will result in a superintelligent computer that is fairly
 indifferent to human problems, in which case it won't help the vast majority
 of humans because it's spending all its time, say, solving math problems or
 helping creatures in alternate universes. >>

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