No nannies needed (was: Re: META: GET LOST)

From: Mikael Johansson (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 17:12:39 MDT

> That's great for interacting with people in RL, or other circumstances
> outside this list. I practice such things myself (ok, so I'm working on
> What I rail against is being forced to adopt such "tactful" efforts here.
> It'll be a sad day when everyone here has to post in such a "nice" way, or
> risk offending the newbies, people-we-are-trying-to-convert, and other
> members who can't deal with our ideas. Maybe we need an "Extropians-lite"
> list for that kind of stuff.

Being one of the _newbies_ on this list (alright, I was on it in 1997; but
reading it through Hotmail via the German T-Online ISP scared me off :-), I
personally don't quite _need_ this "tactful" posting style. Personally, I
simply ignore the _really_ abusive stuff; skip the posts I am not interested
in reading (both NEWS: Whatever and arcane Singularity discussions are part
of this class), and read and _enjoy_ the posts I do like.
Your ideas are (for me at least) no major problem; the sheer volume of
quality stuff is (still; it was even worse/better in 1997 ;-) --- though
possibly that is because of my being of the Stockholm transhumanist
persuasion :-)

> --
> Brian Atkins
> Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

// Mikael Johansson
2nd chairman through history of the Swedish Transhumanist Association :-)

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