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Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 10:25:22 MDT

From: Brian Atkins <>, Fri, 27 Apr 2001

>Can you tell me three things you have learned from him (seriously)?
>I mean, you would think out of all those 100's of posts he has made that
>there would be some content right?

Three things?

OK. Here's 4.

1.) I learned that there may be people like him in my science
press conferences and that I should be prepared.
(Very important, actually)

2.) I learned to better bite my tongue, cool my anger, and try to be as
diplomatic as I possibly could.

3.) I learned better that humor can have a tension-breaking effect.

4.) I learned better better to VERY QUICKLY drop the disagreement,
as I could see that it would not improve my own temper, mood,
or my life.

Yes, I know you are looking for John's 'content'. I still think that a person
can learn from almost any situation.

(And one can always try to ignore the irrelevant stuff, even though
I know that it's hard sometimes.)

And yes, I do hate paying for my modem downloads where I'm receiving his
irrelevantly-quoted material.


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