Re: How to help create a singularity.

Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 06:05:01 MDT

Leonardo Gonzalez wrote:

> As far as learning to program, Java might be a better language to begin
> with.

I've heard novice programmers quickly ramping up in productivity while
using excellent clean style with
Go there and look around in the docu, download the language and have
a gander at diverse demo programs.

It's succint, expressive, thoroughly OO, contains a lot of useful built-in
data structures and comes with a rich set of libraries ("batteries included").
It has great support for beginners (tutorials and online communities), but
also for advanced programmers. Albeit being a bytecode compiler, it is
sufficiently performant for most real-world applications (egroups was built
around Medusa, there's also Zope, you might want to check out MojoNation),
and can be easily expanded with modules written in C to eliminate hot spots.

There are other reasons to use it, but I really recommend it. In any case
you'll do noticeably better than in Java. Opal might be a forthcoming alternative,
but it's far from being there yet, and I fail to see the point, since the niche
is already occupied by Python (which is even getting an equivalent of CPAN now).

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