Re: Relinquish JXTA

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 21:36:08 MDT wrote:
> JXTA (pronounced "juxta", as in "juxtaposition") is Bill Joy's new system
> for promoting peer-to-peer application development. It provides a base
> for clients to locate other clients who are running the same application,
> and some communication facilities. See

> I'd like to see these contradictions made more obvious. Wouldn't it
> be great if there were a high-profile project to use Joy-the-engineer's
> JXTA for exactly those technologies which give Joy-the-philosopher the
> greatest concerns? Let's see him get up and play pundit once he is
> exposed as a hypocrite.
> Any suggestions for good projects along these lines?

Well...just off the top of my head, without reading much about JXTA,
how about a distributed neural net? Individual nodes, or clusters of
nodes, run on personal computers much like SETI@home, coordinated
through a central server running JXTA, where the server provides the
stimulus/result to shape the neural net to whatever is desired. This
could be a poor man's simulation of a human brain (baby brain at first,
natch, but it could provide the necessary number of nodes, though at
lower speeds than wetware due to CPU and bandwidth limitations).

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