Re: An SPLC clarification of the Odinist-Asatru article

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Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 15:07:20 MDT

Yeah, Merle Haggard lives a few miles from here. What a cowboy. All religion
sucks from the well of ignorance.



--J. R.

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> Thanks for the clarification. If pagans want rituals and sex and booze, well
> that's what the Brits used to call a "dirty little weekend." Enjoy, have fun
> and indulge. When they start goose-stepping, that gets on the 'fighting side
> of me' to borrow from an old Merle Haggard, tune. Although, for an
> organization so keen against the threats from organized religion, embracing
> new one, seems inconsistent to me. But that's what makes life interesting, I
> suppose.

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