Re: Tiresome Vitriol--was SPACE: Tito Interview

From: John Marlow (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 02:17:53 MDT

Ah then, you who accuse me of "attack," "bashing," and "putting down
other people and ideas."

Does this look familiar, sirrah?

"..this buffoon in our own house? ...stupid...outright
attacks. If you want to bash us, go over to hang out with the other
neo-luddite technophobic morons..." [author: Brian Atkins]

Does THIS look familiar..?

a disposition to be helpful to others. We approach others as
potential sources of value, friendship, cooperation, and pleasure. We
see a benevolent disposition not only as an emotionally more stable
and enjoyable state than cynicism, hostility, and meanness, but also
as more likely to induce reciprocal positive treatment. Benevolence
implies a presumption of common moral decencies including politeness,
patience, and honesty..." [author: Max More (Extropian Principles

Noble sentiments, eloquently expressed.
Ideals are too seldom attained in practice.

Shouldn't you be busy saving the world?


ps--The last time I was called a "moron," my verbal assailant was
eight years old--as was I. "Technophobic" and "neoluddite" are

On 27 Apr 2001, at 0:53, Brian Atkins wrote:

> Your "humor" seems to be primarily aimed at bashing or otherwise putting
> down other people and ideas. It's getting old real fast.

> What's sad is that my own post history for the last two months is not
> exactly perfect either. Perhaps I have come to unconsciously regard the
> list as a quick dumping ground for news blurbs and chitchat...

John Marlow

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