Re: META: To my fellow Extropians

From: Neal Blaikie (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 01:36:19 MDT

Brian Atkins wrote:

> [snip]
> Do you see a difference? The more recent times spend a lot of time shooting
> the breeze about current headlines, very little speculation or critical
> thinking about the future. In other words the extropians list has become
> little more than a current events chat list. Ok so it's not that bad, there
> are still plenty of good threads... but you can see it shifting.
> I support ExI, and it would be pretty sad to get a lot of press/interest
> from the upcoming Extro-5 only to have anyone who looks at the list then to
> see a complete mess. So I'm making some small effort here to provide some
> feedback before that event. There is also an upcoming improvement to the
> list: the Javien reputation/ranking system. However since this is voluntary,
> I am not sure if it will help much. The kinds of people I am railing against
> will either ignore their rep or even take it as a badge of pride most likely.

Thanks for clarifying your point. This is much more useful than your original post.
And while I agree with you in a general sense, I still feel that that first post
was too hostile and made you sound like some sort of crank. If you don't want to be
lumped in with the people you're railing against, whining and calling them names
won't cut it. For public relations purposes, the high road always looks better

Neal Blaikie

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