RE: META: To my fellow Extropians

From: John Marlow (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 22:12:42 MDT

Interesting. I had actually asked a number of people offlist (this is
some time ago now) whether there were any "more serious" th lists
(meaning more focused, to be clear), and was told that, basically,
this is the cream of the crop.

On 26 Apr 2001, at 16:47, Ben Goertzel wrote:

> ...
> The way to save a list, in my experience, is for a core group of people to
> start and maintain extremely high-quality, high-frequency threads, meanwhile
> ignoring the low-content remarks that pop up around the fringes. This is
> much more effective than complaining!
> But I am not going to rise to this challenge at the moment; I'm going to go
> do some more actual work instead ;>
> -- Ben Goertzel
John Marlow

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