Teleport: was Supersonic failure?

Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 16:09:38 MDT

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> Count me in. My fathered worked on the original British Concorde near
> Bristol in England. A 21st century without supersonic flight just does
> right -- even though for most of it we will be travelling mostly virtually.
>.While Concorde is extremely cool, I can't help thinking that
> SST's are a very nineteen-sixties kind of project. Why can't
 ...>we look forward to cheap, universal teleportation instead?
>I'll settle for the speed of light, thank you very much.
>-- Charlie >>

    Damn straight, Teleportation is the key to future transport. Ive been
dreaming of building point to point wormhole transport systems for years. Im
not talking Dial a planet StarGates like in the film or TV program. I'm
thinking more along the lines of constant 2 way wormholes just like tunnels
through a mountain. You drive in at london and come straight out in florida.
no Flashing lights, special effects, wobbly slow sounds etc, just drive
through no fuss.
    Its a long way off but I envisage small PTPS devices (Point to Point
Singularity) used in mundain things like Telecoms.
    Imagine , stuff in a fibre optic cable in at London and out it comes in
New York. You could span the distance with a 1 metre cable. It would
revolutionise Data coms. Building a WAN would be easy. The hard part would be
flying 3000 miles to plug the cable in at the other end. :o)
    The one thing that has bothered me is things like The difference in Air
preasure between the 2 PTPS devices, say the atmoshperic preasure In London
is 14.7 psi and in New York it is 15.2. It may not be a big difference but
therewould be one hell of a wind rushing through the wormhole. With bigger
devices there may even be wide reaching impact on weather patterns due to
"Unatural" winds and air movement.
    This may be a reasonably small problem here on earth but imagine a
wormhole to the moon. Kiss the Atmosphere goodbye ! or could we even take
advatage of this interplanetary effect and harness it for teraforming

    Yes, Instant travel by means of teleport or wormhole is a fantastic idea
that has been knocking around for years, but it will need some very carefull
thought before we explosively decompress the whole planet.



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