From: Xipe (ninefathomsdeep@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 17:28:38 MDT

Assume I was a complete fool (I probably am) and knew
very nearly nothing (I probably do). Where would you
personally recommend starting out?
What I mean to say is, if a person walked in off of
the street and told you that they were to submit
themselves to you as your tool, in trust that you
would make of them a better person, what specifically
would you recommend to them as a course of study or
way of living?
Or, alternately, you can see me as something of the
person-in-the-street. What would you tell an average
individual (other than "Please jump in a ditch, the
rest of us are very busy.")? I'm certain each of you
has different methods of living and different ways of
going about your day- I want to know, if it is
alright, whatever you are willing to tell me about
recommended reading, fitness programs, life-extension
programs, personal ways of doing, speaking, thinking,
and dealing with others. I do not state that I
actually will turn myself over to you, by any means-
to entrust myself fully to anyone would almost
definitely be somewhat foolish, unless that person was
demonstratedly more devoted to my interests than even
I myself, but I will consider and examine whatever is
recommended to me.

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